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Pirin Mountains BanskoPirin Mountains
Most impressive is the legendary Pirin mountain range. The bigger part of the tourist flow heading for the mountain goes through the town. In the immediate vicinity are the ski centres of 'Chalin Valog' and 'SPirin Mountains Peak Banskohiligarnika.' There are ski chalets at Demyanitza, Bunderitza, Vihren as well as the top peak of Vihren.

The Pirin National Park is the largest protected site in Bulgaria with total territory of 40 455 hecPirin Mountains Sunrisetares, 36% of which are within the borders of the Bansko Municipality. Because of its unique natural resources, it is the included in the list of monuments compiled at UNESCO according to the Convention for preservation of the world cultural, historical and natural Pirin Mountains scenic viewheritage.

Bansko SpringsPirin Mountains scene
Bansko Karst springs in the area of Murtva Polyana (Dead Meadow); a ceramic workshop of late ancient times, a fortress called Stana Kale and a necropolis both of late ancient times; Thracian fortress and necropolis together with early Christian basilica in the area of St. Nicola; Thracian tomb in the area of Lisicha Mogila (Fox's Tomb); the Virgin Mary's Birth church.

Dobrinishte sceneDobrinishte
6 km south of Bansko is the village of Dobrinishte (final station on the narrow gauge line from Septemvri). It is one of the largest villages in the country with a population of over 3000 inhabitants. Famous to be the Gate towards the magnificent Pirin Mountains.

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Razlog town
Is one of the major towns in the Blagoevgrad Province having a population of around 22,500. Razlog White BuildingRazlog is 6km from Bansko and has an elevation of 812m. The town is set around a large central square with shops, café’s and town hall. Razlog is predominantly a town of commerce although there are local hotels and a tourism industry.

Banja waterfallBanja
Has an elevation of approximately 290m, a population of around 3900 and is approximately 5km from Bansko. There are many mineral springs and history going back to the Stone Age. It is currently developing as a tourism resort and is probably most associated with Bulgaria’s highest waterfall, the Raysko Praskalo (or Paradise Waterfall).

Gotse Delchev
Is another major town in the Blagoevgrad Province with a Gotse Delchevpopulation of around 24,000. It is approximately 30 minutes drive from Bansko and is mentioned here because it is believed to be the favoured site of the proposed new passenger airport. If permission for the new airport is to be granted, it would reduce the transfer time from around 2 ½ hours to 30 minutes.

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